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On behalf of Artistic Influence we wish you all a safe, happy and joyous holiday period filled with peace and love!!

Our support team will also be on holiday starting from the 25th of December to the 5th of January. If you have a support request please feel free to open a ticket during this time as all tickets will be tended to first thing on the 5th of January. 


Have a black box at the top of your posts ?

That black box on your blog is the Instagram feed not working correctly, this is usually because the details entered into the "Instagram Token" and "Instagram ID" in the "Edit Theme" section may have a couple wrong digits. This can be fixed no problem :D

We have a tutorial written up in the documentation which can help get this up and running for you. The tutorial is very simple to follow step-by-step instructions with images and can help you get it up and running within a few minutes.

Said tutorial can be found via the following link:

If the Pixelcrafted website does not work for you to generate an Access token and User ID, try the alternative link below: